How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring


    Get your garden ready for the spring season! Check out these tips that will help you make your garden a healthy space for planting crops and flowers.

    Rake leaf litter and sticks.

    Clear away leaves, sticks, and other winter debris from your garden and backyard. Use a metal rake to thoroughly remove the yard litter, and add it to your compost pile. Removing this debris from your garden will allow more light and air to reach your soil, which promotes grass growth.

    Pull young weeds.

    If your garden is sprouting weeds early, nip the relentless cycle in the bud and pull them out! Weed roots are shallow and easier to pull out when they’re young. While you’re at it, remove any plant “skeletons” from your garden that were left over from last season to make room for new plants.

    Cover the soil with compost.

    Once your garden is raked and weeds are pulled, spread a layer of healthy compost over the soil. If you don’t have a compost pile, visit your local garden supply store to buy some. Compost will provide rich nutrients to rejuvenate the soil and prepare it for growing healthy plants this spring!

    Loosen the soil.

    Forces such as rain and snow will pack down soil, so you’ll want to turn it it when the soil is dry and crumbly. Experts advise to never turn soil when it’s wet and heavy. Use a shovel or digging fork to cultivate your soil and remove any rocks before planting seeds. This will also help the soil dry out and allow roots to enter the soil easily.

    Add organic fertilizer.

    Find out if the crops you want to plant need extra nutrients to grow. If so, spread an organic fertilizer to areas where you plan to plant nutrients-hungry crops. When you buy organic fertilizer, don’t be fooled by high-priced products. You can get inexpensive grass clippings or opt for other cheap fertilizers.

    How do you prepare your garden for spring planting? Share with us below!

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