How to Choose the Realtor Right For You

    The home buying or selling process can be daunting. Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth time buying or selling a home, it’s best to hire a real estate professional who can help you through the process. But finding the right Realtor is a decision on its own. Here are some tips on how to choose the Realtor that’s right for you and best fits your needs.

    1. Meet with local agents.

    Schedule meetings with several real estate agents in your area. You want to hire someone whose personality, knowledge, and experience you can trust. Buying or selling a home can be an emotional process and finding someone who will best fit your situation is important. Test their knowledge. Ask them about the current market conditions in your area. Ask them about their experience with selling or buying homes. Get as much information as you can. Not only will their responses help you gauge whether they’re a good fit, but how they answer your questions will too. Are they confident? Are they friendly and eager to work with you? Don’t be afraid to ask away!

    2. Do your research.

    Before you hire a real estate professional, find out their licensing credentials and their local track record. How many homes have they helped people buy or sell in the past year? Do they have glowing testimonials on their website? Being a Realtor means you’re certified with the National Association of Realtors. Look for other certifications such as Certified Property Manager, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, or Certified Residential Specialist.

    3. Look up current listings.

    Check out the listings of each agent you’re considering. Are the properties comparable to the type of home you’re selling or looking to buy? If you’re trying to sell your city apartment but an agent has mostly listed or sold suburban, single-family homes, you might want to opt for the agent who specializes in apartments or condos. It’s also important to compare the listing price-points to your own.

    4. Choose the Realtor right for you!

    Once you’ve done thorough research and considered all of your options, decide on a Realtor to help buy or sell your home. After all your hard work, you can feel confident that your real estate agent will guide and educate you through the process.

    How did you find a Realtor that was right for you? Share with us below!

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