6 Clever Tips for Maximizing Closet Storage


    Closet storage is more than just hooks and shelves. Get creative with the way you organize your belongings with these six clever tips for maximizing closet storage!

    1. Adhere Hooks on the Door

    There’s no reason you can’t utilize both the outside and inside of your closet door for storage. Adhere a decorative hook or two to the outside of your door for hanging a coat or sweater. On the inside, install several attractive hooks for hanging belts, scarves, or a bathrobe.

    2. Stack Storage Boxes

    Home goods stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or The Container Store sell cardboard and cloth-covered boxes that you can use to store sweaters or shirts. This is a great vessel for putting winter clothes away in the summer, or vice versa. These boxes typically have a label that you can use to keep track of the contents of each stackable box.

    3. Keep Sweaters in a Vertical Shoe Organizer

    Shoe organizers are one of the best ways to use vertical space in your closet and maximize storage. Find them at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or on websites like Amazon. Instead of using these organizers for shoes, you can keep sweaters folded neatly in each compartment.

    4. Add a Low-Hanging Dowel Rod

    If you have a small closet with a dowel rod, maximize the horizontal space by adding another one below it. This is a great way to hang shorter items, such as folded pants or skirts. The space beneath a single dowel rod often goes unused, so be sure to make the most of it!

    5. Utilize the Walls for Storing Accessories

    There are so many ways to use wall space in a closet. Whether it’s adding small hooks for belts, or a pegboard for jewelry, don’t neglect this valuable space. You can also place a basic hanger on a wall hook for hanging ties!

    6. Install Wire Baskets to the Door

    One great thing about wire baskets is that they don’t collect dust or easily get dirty. Keep your storage spaces low-maintenance and clean by installing wire baskets to the inside of your closet door. Use these handy vessels for all sorts of things; from socks and underwear to t-shirts and leggings, wire baskets will hold just about anything.

    What closet storage tips do you have to share with us?


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