5 Tips to Reduce Your Cleaning Time


    At the end of the week, the last thing you want is to be faced with a full list of household chores. These tips will help you break up your tasks and tackle your routine efficiently…and with more helping hands!

    1. Clean It Right the First Time

    Be thorough with your mopping or dusting so that you don’t have to clean the same spot over again. Taking your time, start from one point of the floor or ceiling and work your way across the space until you’ve cleaned the entire surface. Move any rugs or pieces of furniture that get in the way of mopping or vacuuming so that you don’t waste time trying to clean around them. For tasks that might not need to be completed every week (such as dusting), keep track of the dates you complete them and set a consistent schedule to avoid over or under-cleaning!

    2. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Together

    It’s helpful to designate a closet or shelf for storing your sprays, paper towels, mop, rubber gloves, and other cleaning materials. Make sure to keep them all within reach to avoid going back and forth from the room you’re cleaning. Buy a utility bucket with a sturdy handle for these items to make carrying them from room to room easier. If you have a lot of supplies, purchase a container with wheels!

    3. Wipe Away the Cobwebs Weekly

    Walk through your house and check the nooks and crannies for pesky spider webs. Not only are spiders typically unwanted in homes, but their webs collect dust and dirt that scatter across floors. Use a damp towel to wipe away the webs and any surrounding debris. For ceilings and hard-to-reach corners, tie a damp towel to a broom handle and swipe those tricky areas. You can help prevent cobwebs all together by scattering a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil in the corners of your house. These are two strong scents that spiders tend to avoid!

    4. Practice CLAYGO (Clean as You Go!)

    Don’t let your cleaning responsibilities pile up during the week! If you see a floor that needs a quick vacuum or a shelf that needs dusting, take care of it as soon as you can so that the rest of your cleaning tasks aren’t as daunting. It’s helpful to keep a check-list of your weekly regimen on your fridge; if you have a couple free minutes during the day, choose a quick task to knock off the list!

    5. Assign Weekly Cleaning Responsibilities

    Everyone should be responsible for cleaning their home, even young children. Give kids small tasks like putting away their toys, or tossing their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. For older kids, create a chart with the different areas of the house and list cleaning tasks for them to complete weekly. If you have a lot of kids, rotate their responsibilities on a weekly or monthly basis to keep them busy! It doesn’t hurt to give incentives, like reading an extra book before bed for young kids or giving your teenagers an allowance.

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