5 Simple Tips Improve Your Laundry Room

    September 27, 2016 - 5 Simple Tips to Have an Efficient Laundry Area (MN) photo

    Homeowners commonly overlook the laundry area in their home, whether it’s an actual laundry room or a stackable washer and dryer tucked into a hallway closet. After all, most laundry areas aren’t readily accessible to guests and, therefore, are neglected (or relegated to the basement). Your laundry space can be functional and effective without compromising style. Here are five simple tips to improve your laundry room and make it an area of your home you won’t want to hide:

    1. Create an Efficient Laundry Room Layout

    If you’re building a laundry room from start-to-finish, take the time to think practically about your layout. Install wall-mounted cabinets or floating shelves to store your laundry supplies, and a fold-down ironing board to make the most of a small space. Have ample room? Add counter space for a built-in sorting or folding area. Consider installing a retrackable clothes line in your laundry room to air dry your delicates. With a defined place for every item, you’ll prevent clutter and keep the space welcoming.

    1. Include Plenty of Storage Space

    Save time when doing laundry by organizing all of your laundry supplies in easy-to-grab containers. Use wire baskets or divided hampers to sort your clothing and keep it off the floor. Store your laundry detergents, pods and dryer sheets in close proximity to your washer and dryer with floating shelves or open shelves. By having everything organized, you can create even more storage space within your laundry room for home supplies (think toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, etc.) to help keep the rest of your home decluttered.

    1. Add Proper Lighting to Your Laundry Room

    When you’re doing laundry, the last thing you want to do is mix up your lights and darks, or worse yet, not be able to read the fabric care label on your garments. Adding bright lighting to your laundry room isn’t just practical; it also makes the space more inviting. Try adding under-cabinet lighting to illuminate specific work areas or a floor lamp to brighten the entire room.

    1. Choose an Inviting Wall Color and Unique Decor

    Laundry areas are often the smallest rooms in the house, so why not have some fun with the décor? Choose an inviting paint color for the walls that’s outside of your normal color palette. Add character to your laundry room by adding personal touches, such as family photos, DIY artwork or functional antiques.

    1. Utilize Water-Resistant Materials

    If your washing machine or dryer ever malfunctions and leaks, you’ll be glad you took extra precautions to safeguard your floors. Choose stone or ceramic tiles, or laminate, for attractive and durable flooring options. Make sure you regularly inspect your washer and dryer and clean filters to ensure a long and productive life!

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