5 Down Payment Saving Tips


    Did you know about 60% of home buyers put down about 6% or $15,500 on a house? Save for your down payment using these money saving tips!

    Give Up Your Morning Coffee

    It’s easy to roll up to a drive-through or stop at a coffee shop on your morning commute. The average cup of coffee (no frills) costs $2.70 and the average latte costs $3.94. Invest in a quality but affordable coffee maker and brew your own cup of joe at home! Taking less than five minutes to make a cup of coffee for the road could save you over $1,000 per year!

    Bring a Lunch to Work

    The average worker in the US eats out twice per week and spends $11 on each meal. Think about how much you spend if you’re going out to lunch five days per week… Pack your lunch the night before and just grab and go in the morning. This habit could save you over $1,000.

    Starting Dining In!

    The average American spend $232 per month eating out at restaurants. Don’t know how to cook? Invest in a cookbook to learn the basics so you can cook at home and make eating out a treat. Staying in and cooking at home could save over $2,800 per year. Plus, you’ll learn something new in the process!

    Take Public Transportation or Carpool

    If your town or city has public transportation, it might be worth opting to take the bus or train to work instead of driving. Not only could you save $8,500 taking public transportation every year, you’ll also have the time to be productive during your commute instead of focusing on driving or sitting in traffic. Live near your coworkers? Arrange a carpooling schedule so you both save gas money and time!

    Cancel Your Cable

    Do you really need to watch all those cable shows? Probably not. Cutting the cord could save you $1,200 per year after ending the average monthly costs of $100. You could meal prep during the time you would have otherwise spent watching TV!

    What are your tips for saving for a big investment? Share with us below!

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