11 Tips to Maximize Space in Compact Homes


    You don’t need a large, expansive home to make it feel spacious. More and more people are purchasing smaller homes (tiny houses, anyone?) where optimizing the space inside is a necessity. With these 10 tips for maximizing your space, compact homes, condos and apartments can become more open and inviting.

    1. Create an Open Floor Plan

    Does your home have an unnecessary wall here or there that divides your already small space into even smaller rooms? Consider removing walls that aren’t weight-bearing (be sure to check in with a licensed contractor!) to open up your floor plan.

    2. Declutter!

    If you have a small home, you want to ensure everything has its own defined space. Invest in good storage items (shelves or baskets) that can keep visible clutter to a minimum.

    3. Use a Trunk or Ottoman as a Coffee Table

    Open coffee tables are a waste of valuable space, although they do add function to a living room. Instead of an actual coffee table, purchase a trunk or storage ottoman for extra storage space.

    4. Arrange Large Furniture against the Wall

    Place your sofa, dining table, bed and bedroom furniture against a wall, so you and your guests can move around more freely. Invest in fewer but larger furnishing to optimize your small space.

    5. Strategically Place Mirrors throughout Your Home 

    Mirrors are a cost-effective way to make your space feel more spacious without adding any square footage.

    6. Purchase a Sectional Sofa for Your Living Area

    A sectional is a versatile piece that allows you to easily configure your living area. You can also change the arrangement when you have guests over to open up your home even more.

    7. Go Vertical Wherever Possible

    If you want to maximize space, invest in furnishing that utilize vertical height and minimize the need for floor space. Tall shelving also makes a room look bigger (just make sure to put items that you use less at the top).

    8. Paint Your Walls with Light, Solid Colors

    A fresh coat of a light paint color can create the illusion of more space in your home. Stay away from dark, rich colors in favor of airy, light colors. Grays, whites, light blues and greens are soothing colors for a small space.

    9. Utilize the Space Under Your Stairs 

    If you have a staircase, make sure the space underneath is being maximized for storage. Consider adding a door underneath, so you can hide the items stored there, yet access them when needed.

    10. Replace Swinging Doors with Sliding Doors

    Sliding doors, as opposed to doors that swing open, are a space-saving option. Purchase an antique door or barn door and put it on sliders for a unique conversation piece.

    11. Create an Outdoor Living Space

    Patios, decks and porches are an easy way to add more livable space to your small home, without costing nearly as much as finished square feet inside.


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